Trevor Giles – Playing Days, Keegan Cup 2010, Teammates/Opponents and Much More

Fri 8th May

Trevor Giles – Playing Days, Keegan Cup 2010, Teammates/Opponents and Much More

Meath GAA TV catches up with Meath legend Trevor Giles.

We discussed many aspects of his career. Check out some highlights below:

1. 1992 Keegan Cup and club football in Meath during the 90s

2. 2004 Leinster Club Final vs. Portlaoise and how John McDermott missed out

3. Skryne 1999 missed out on Club Leinster and SKryne teammates such as John McDermott, Brian Smyth., John Quinn, & Mick O’Dowd

4. 1999 International Rules. Players such as Darren Fay, Graham Geraghty, John McDermott, and the manager Colm O’Rourke. We discussed the toughness and ‘the row’ might happen when playing against the Aussies

5. Players on them Irish teams such as Pádraic Joyce, Jarlath Fallon, Michael Donnellan, Joe Kavanagh, and Anthony Tohill

6. GAA v AFL – fitness.

7. 2000 home International Rules Series – How Giles and others became ‘marked men’ and how a rotation of markers followed them everywhere

8. Tough opponents over the years – Derry defenders in the 90s such as Henry Dowling, Ciarán McKeever, and Gary Coleman

9. Hank Traynor and how nobody on the Meath team wanted to be marked by him

10. Was Dalgan Park a tough place train in? What was the training regime for Trevor and the lads like?

11. Straight Knock-out games and how Trevor loved his era. The stakes were high at all times

12 1996 pen pics (see audio on our Soundcloud)Conor Martin being the calming influence, how good he was, and how Conor Martin & John McDermott discussed kick out plans (lively!!!)

13. A player-manager for a year in 2008. Tough to balance both and did Trevor play himself wherever he wanted?

14. Liam Harnan as Skryne manager. The 2010 County Final and how it was a wonderful year and final. Also an interesting insight into how Trevor didn’t start the first round.

15. Trevor discusses the last few years as a Meath player and reveals what he thinks Seán Boylan should have done to him!!!

16. Coaching style and juvenile coaching with Skryne

17. Eating habits of the players back in his day. The full dinners, the fry, and the biscuits!!!

18. Meath players always try their best in every era.

19. Mickey Newman and the Skryne school connection

20. Modern Meath players as role models

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