Please see important documents and information that will assist you with the running of your GAA Club.


  1. 2022 Official Guide Part 1 26.08.2022
  2. 2022 Official Guide Part 2
  3. Fo-Dhlithe-na-Mi-2022 (09-08-22)
  4. Rialacháin Ghinearálta na Mí 2022
  5. Match Regulations_2022
  6. 2022 Championship Formats v3
  7. 2022 Cup & League Formats_Regulations
  8. 2022 Hurling Cup Formats v2
  9. 2022 U20-21 Championship Regulations
  10. 2022 Regional Competition Regulations
  11. 2022 Football and Hurling Championships Fixtures
  12. Coiste Mionúir an Mhí C.L.G. Regulations 2022
  13. Child Welfare and Protection
  14. Player Safety
  15. GAA Social Media Guidelines_2020
  16. Surnames/Useful Terms in Irish
  17. The GAA Club Constitution (updated) 20.09.2021
  18. Go Games Blitz Application Form_2022


  1. Inter_Club_Transfer_Form_2021
  2. Inter County Transfer – Please contact the Club Secretary for Online Transfer (PTS)
  3. Approval Form 2018
  4. Leinster Council Transfer List
  5. Croke Park Live Transfer List


  1. 2022 CCC Calendar_v5
  2. 2022 Football and Hurling Championships Fixtures


  1. Acquisition-of-Property
  2. Disposal-of-Property
  3. Borrowing-from-a-Financial-Institution
  4. Borrowing-from-CLG-Deposit-Loan-Scheme-2
  5. Declaration-of-Trust
  6. Lease-or-Licence-of-Property-By-GAA-Lessor
  7. Lease-or-Licence-of-Property-To-GAA-Lessee
  8. Creation-of-a-Legal-Charge-Guidelines
  9. GAA-Safety-Statement-Template
  10. Health-and-Safety-Authority-Doc-AF-1
  11. Health-and-Safety-Authority-Doc-AF-2
  12. Irish Standards I.S 357 2007
  13. Irish Standards I.S. 356 2007


  1. GAA Playing Rules Changes Explained (April 2021)
  2. New Referee Report – 2022 – PDF Version
  3. New Referee’s Report – 2022 – Word Version
  4. 2022 Official Guide Part 2 – Playing Rules

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  1. GAA Club Dashboard The Club Dashboard allows you to navigate to the site or portal you need in one click.  It will also post reminders and important notifications so that you don’t miss a deadline or update. You can create your own ‘favourites’ section with the pages you visit most. is fully functional on desktop and mobile. It is a quick and easy way to get to everything you need on
  2. The Club Support Manual is a resource for all Club officers. It contains information on all aspects of Club activity and administration. To access this resource, visit – Club Support Manual

The GAA Club is the basic unit of the Association and the primary structure through which the GAA undertakes its mission, which states

‘The GAA is a community-based volunteer organisation promoting Gaelic games, culture and lifelong participation.’

The objective of the GAA Club is the promotion at the local level of the Association’s aims, as outlined in the Official Guide – Chapter 1: Aims and Ethos.

The Association’s basic aim is to “strengthen the National Identity” through its primary purpose to promote and control the National games of Hurling, Gaelic Football, Handball and Rounders.

Its additional aims are to:

• Actively support the Irish language and Irish culture

• Support the promotion of Camogie and Ladies Gaelic Football

• Support Irish industry

The GAA Club is the bedrock of every Irish community and provides an organised structure from which great community spirit is generated. Today, almost every town and village in the country has its own GAA headquarters, centred on the playing of our exciting games and building on 125 years of great history and success.

These clubs are a tremendous influence in their local communities. The GAA is a strong and vibrant Association thanks to the army of dedicated volunteers at Club level committed to the promotion and development of our clubs and our games.

It’s vital our clubs continue to grow and reinvent themselves to ensure that this structure is reinforced. Through planning ahead for the future, the GAA will help ensure that clubs remain strong and that dedicated voluntary officials at Club level continue to commit to the promotion and development of our games and our Association.