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200th Appearance in store for Burke

Sat 13th Jan

200th Appearance in store for Burke

It promises to be a special occasion on Sunday in Longwood when the club plays host to a landmark game for their veteran player Mickey Burke as he lines out for the 200th time in a Meath jersey in the Dioralyte Kehoe Cup opening round encounter against Down.  For a record of Mickey’s football appearances, check the bottom of the article.

Burke will pull on the number four jersey as he lines out at left corner back for the game and there promises to be a huge crowd present at the game to witness the local hero on his big day.


Debutant Ronan Byrne and Ciaran Lonergan will join the hometown hero in the full back line with Jack Fagan lining out between the uprights behind them.  There is a welcome return to the fold at centre back of Shane Whitty and he will be flanked in the half back line by Simon Ennis and Kris Gorman.


The Shine twins both line out from the outset with Tom being joined in the middle of the field by Nicky Potterton while Daire is at centre forward where he is flanked by Eoin Donegan of Wolfe Tones and Seánie Martin of Na Fianna.


There is a potent look to the inside line which is made up of Mark Horan, James Kelly and Padraig O’Hanrahan.  Among the players on the replacements bench is Jack Walsh who is another to make a welcome return to the fold for 2024.


Entry on Sunday in Longwood is free.



  1. Jack Fagan (Dún Doire)
  2. Ronan Byrne (Na Fianna)
  3. Ciarán Lonergan (Naomh Peadar Dún Bóinne)
  4. Mickey Burke (Maigh Dearmhaí)
  5. Simon Ennis (Rath Moliadhain)
  6. Shane Whitty (Gaeil Bhláth Gall)
  7. Kris Gorman (Cill Mheasáin)
  8. Tom Shine (Cill Scíre/Maolach)
  9. Nicky Potterton (Cill Dealga)
  10. Eoin Donegan (Bhulf Tón)
  11. Daire Shine (Cill Scíre/Maolach)
  12. Seánie Martin (Na Fianna)
  13. Mark Horan (Cill Mheasáin)
  14. James Kelly (Cill Teidhil)
  15. Padraig O’Hanrahan (Rath Tó)
  16. Philip O’Reilly (Naomh Pádraig)
  17. Fergal Chawke (Naomh Peadar Dún Bóinne)
  18. Jarlath Ennis (Rath Moliadhain)
  19. William Gleeson (Clann na nGael)
  20. Adam Kelly (Dún Doire)
  21. Paul Kelly (Gaeil Bhláth Gall)
  22. David Murtagh (Átha Troim)
  23. Seán Quigley (Naomh Peadar Dún Bóinne)
  24. Karl Rogers (Droim Riogh)
  25. Josh Wall (Droim Riogh)
  26. Jack Walsh (Ó Mathúna)


The following is a breakdown of Mickey Burke’s appearances for the Senior Football team.


  • Championship – 38 Appearances
  • League – 58 Appearances
  • O’Byrne Cup – 23 Appearances
  • Total Football – 119 Appearances


O’Byrne Cup Debut November 27 2004* O’Byrne Cup Round 1 Castletown (Wexford) Meath (1-14) (0-10) Wexford Right Half Forward
League Debut February 6 2005 Division 2B Round 1 Dean McGlinchy Park Ballinascreen Meath (2-09) (0-15) Derry Right Half Forward
Championship Debut June 18 2005 All Ireland Qualifiers Round 1 Casement Park Meath (5-12) (0-13) Antrim Substitute
1st Championship Start August 9 2009 All Ireland Quarter Final Croke Park Meath (2-15) (1-15) Mayo Right Half Back


Football Scoring Record

O’Byrne Cup Total From Play Aggregate
Mickey Burke (0-05) (0-05) 5
League Total From Play Aggregate
Mickey Burke (0-13) (0-13) 13
Championship Total From Play Aggregate
Mickey Burke (0-07) (0-07) 7


Champ Appearances Year Opposition Date Venue
1 2005 Antrim June 18th Casement Park
2 2005 Leitrim July 3rd Páirc Seán MacDiarmada
3 2005 Cavan July 17th Breffni Park
4 2009 Waterford July 4th Páirc Tailtean
5 2009 Westmeath July 11th Cusack Park
6 2009 Limerick August 1st O’Moore Park
7 2009 Mayo August 9th Croke Park
8 2009 Kerry August 30th Croke Park
9 2010 Offaly May 23rd O’Moore Park
10 2010 Laois June 13th Croke Park
11 2010 Laois June 19th O’Connor Park
12 2011 Kildare July 16th Páirc Tailtean
13 2012 Wicklow May 27th Dr. Cullen Park
14 2012 Carlow June 10th O’Connor Park
15 2012 Carlow June 16th O’Connor Park
16 2012 Kildare July 1st Croke Park
17 2012 Dublin July 22nd Croke Park
18 2012 Laois July 28th O’Connor Park
19 2013 Wicklow June 15th Aughrim
20 2013 Dublin July 12th Croke Park
21 2013 Tyrone July 27th Croke Park
22 2014 Carlow June 15th Dr. Cullen Park
23 2014 Kildare June 29th Croke Park
24 2014 Dublin July 20th Croke Park
25 2014 Armagh August 2nd Croke Park
26 2015 Wicklow June 14th Páirc Tailtean
27 2015 Westmeath June 28th Croke Park
28 2015 Tyrone July 11th Healy Park
29 2016 Louth July 12th Parnell Park
30 2016 Dublin June 26th Croke Park
31 2016 Derry July 9th Owenbeg
32 2017 Louth June 4th Parnell Park
33 2017 KIldare June 17th O’Connor Park
34 2017 Sligo July 1st Páirc Tailtean
35 2017 Donegal July 8th Páirc Tailtean
36 2018 Longford May 27th Pearse Park
37 2018 Tyrone June 9th Páirc Tailtean
38 2019 Kerry August 3rd Páirc Tailtean


Lge Appearances Year Opposition From When Date Venue
1 2005 Derry Start February 6th Ballinascreen
2 2005 Antrim Start February 13th Páirc Tailteann
3 2005 Tipperary Start March 6th Clonmel
4 2005 Wicklow Start March 13th Páirc Tailteann
5 2005 Waterford Sub March 27th Páirc Tailteann
6 2005 Cavan Sub April 3rd Páirc Tailteann
7 2005 Fermanagh Sub April 24th Breffni Park
8 2005 Monaghan Sub May 1st Croke Park
9 2007 Cavan Start February 3rd Páirc Tailteann
10 2007 Wicklow Sub March 25th Aughrim
11 2007 Waterford Start March 31st Páirc Tailteann
12 2007 Monaghan Sub April 21st Croke Park
13 2010 Armagh Start February 6th Páirc Tailteann
14 2010 Down Start February 12th Páir Esler
15 2010 Tipperary Start March 14th Semple Stadium
16 2010 Laois Start March 21st Páirc Tailteann
17 2010 Donegal Start March 27th MacCumhaill Park
18 2010 Kildare Sub April 11th Páirc Tailteann
19 2012 Monaghan Start February 4th Páirc Tailteann
20 2012 Westmeath Start February 12th Cusack Park
21 2012 Kildare Start March 3rd Páirc Tailteann
22 2012 Galway Start March 11th Pearse Stadium
23 2012 Derry Start March 18th Páirc Tailteann
24 2012 Tyrone Start March 24th Healy Park
25 2012 Louth Start April 8th Páirc Tailteann
26 2014 Galway Start February 2nd Páirc Tailteann
27 2014 Monaghan Start February 9th St. Tiernach’s Park
28 2014 Armagh Start March 1st Páirc Tailteann
29 2014 Donegal Start March 9th MacCumhaill Park
30 2014 Laois Start March 15th O’Moore Park
31 2015 Galway Start February 1st Pearse Stadium
32 2015 Kildare Start February 7th Páirc Tailteann
33 2015 Roscommon Start March 22nd* Dr. Hyde Park *Refixture
34 2015 Westmeath Start March 7th Páirc Tailteann
35 2015 Laois Start March 14th Páirc Tailteann
36 2015 Down Start March 28th Páirc Esler
37 2015 Cavan Start April 5th Páirc Tailteann
38 2016 Armagh Start January 31st Páirc Tailteann
39 2016 Fermanagh Start February 7th Brewster Park
40 2016 Cavan Start February 28th Páirc Tailteann
41 2016 Galway Start March 6th Pearse Stadium
42 2016 Tyrone Start March 13th Páirc Tailteann
43 2016 Derry Start March 27th Owenbeg
44 2016 Laois Start April 3rd O’Moore Park
45 2017 Kildare Start February 5th Páirc Tailteann
46 2017 Derry Start February 12th Páirc Tailteann
47 2017 Galway Sub March 5th Páirc Tailteann
48 2017 Fermanagh Sub March 26th Páirc Tailteann
49 2017 Clare Sub April 2nd Cusack Park
50 2018 Roscommon Start January 28th Dr. Hyde Park
51 2018 Tipperary Start February 24th Semple Stadium
52 2018 Cork Start March 11th Páirc Tailteann
53 2018 Louth Start March 31st* Gaelic Grounds Refixture
54 2018 Down Sub March 25th Páirc Tailteann
55 2019 Tipperary Start January 27th Páirc Tailteann
56 2019 Donegal Sub February 2nd MacCumhaill Park
57 2019 Armagh Sub February 10th Páirc Tailteann
58 2019 Kildare Sub March 3rd Páirc Tailteann



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