Team - Football

<h4>Brennan Ben</h4>

Brennan Ben

<h4>Burke Mickey</h4>

Burke Mickey

<h4>Garry Robert</h4>

Garry Robert

<h4>Colgan Andy</h4>

Colgan Andy

<h4>Curran Sean</h4>

Curran Sean

<h4>Dempsey Conor</h4>

Dempsey Conor

<h4>Ferguson Liam</h4>

Ferguson Liam

<h4>Flanagan Adam</h4>

Flanagan Adam

<h4>Gallagher David</h4>

Gallagher David

<h4>Gallagher Shane</h4>

Gallagher Shane

<h4>Glynn Shane</h4>

Glynn Shane

<h4>Griffin Darragh</h4>

Griffin Darragh

<h4>Halligan Caolagh</h4>

Halligan Caolagh

<h4>Kennelly Paddy</h4>

Kennelly Paddy

<h4>Keogan Donal</h4>

Keogan Donal

<h4>Lavin Seamus</h4>

Lavin Seamus

<h4>Lenihan Donal</h4>

Lenihan Donal

<h4>Martyn Luke</h4>

Martyn Luke

<h4>McCabe Mark</h4>

McCabe Mark

<h4>McCoy Gavin</h4>

McCoy Gavin

<h4>McEntee James</h4>

McEntee James

<h4>McEntee Shane</h4>

McEntee Shane

<h4>McGill Conor</h4>

McGill Conor

<h4>McMahom Bryan</h4>

McMahom Bryan

<h4>Menton Bryan</h4>

Menton Bryan

<h4>O'Brien Cian</h4>

O'Brien Cian

<h4>O'Neill Daniel</h4>

O'Neill Daniel

<h4>O'Reilly Thomas</h4>

O'Reilly Thomas

<h4>O'Sullivan Cillian</h4>

O'Sullivan Cillian

<h4>Power Brian</h4>

Power Brian

<h4>Regan Dylan</h4>

Regan Dylan

<h4>Reilly Graham</h4>

Reilly Graham

<h4>Wallace Eamon</h4>

Wallace Eamon

<h4>Wallace Joey</h4>

Wallace Joey

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High Kings Raffle 2018

High Kings Raffle 2018

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Upcoming Blood Donation Clinics

Win a House for €100

Win a House for €100

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Sunday, August 19th, 2018 at 9:30pm
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Sunday, August 19th, 2018 at 9:16pm…/
Gerry Reilly Leinster U16 FT Semi-Finals
Cavan 1-20 Longford 1-14
Meath 5-13 Louth 1-11

Finals (8/9 September)
(Venue: Oldcastle GFC)
Winning Semi-Finalists = Cup Final (Meath v Cavan)
Losing Semi-Finalists = Plate Final (Longford v Louth)