Intermediate Football Final between St Michael’s and Curraha Stream

This Sunday, the Intermediate Football Final between St Michael’s and Curraha will be streamed live from Pairc Tailteann through the Meath GAA Official App from 3pm. The cost to view the game is €5, which will allow live streaming of the game and access to a video of the game the day after for three days.

To stream the game, please following the following steps:

Download the Official Meath GAA app from the following links: Here if you use an iphone/iOS:

Or here if on android:

Pay through the pay button below – please purchase this as early as possible, AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE THROWIN and preferably two to three hours before. This will ensure all users are processed. It can take up to 15 minutes to process orders so it is not advisable to purchase during the game as some time will be missed. If you use a different username to make the payment than that used registered on the app, you will receive an email asking which name you used to register.

Before the game, please refresh the “Latest Content” feed and a “Live Now” section should appear to only those who have paid. The games will be streamed through this section. We will still have a match centre section for the game with voting and comments etc. but the stream will be through a different section. If you have any issues, please email

To purchase this game, please pay here: