Go Games Referee Course

Go Games Referee Course

Go Games Referee course to cover both football and hurling will be held on Saturday 11th March 10am to 12.30pm in Dunganny.  The cost for the course is €10.

Each participant must first do an online test before attending Dunganny session on Mar 11th.  The final session is the Launch Days in Dunganny on 25th March for football & 1st April for hurling.   See details of online registration below. Once they are registered they will be sent the exam details.

We also request those that did the course last year to attend and move up the levels to U9/U10/U11.


NB: Information for Clubs:

Clubs should appoint a designated person within their coaching committee that is responsible for:

• Identifying suitable candidates to take part in the course

• Advise of training days & book them into the course

• Ensure those aged 16+ get Garda haveVetting form signed by parents

• Ensure the Consent & Code of Conduct form (attached) is also completed by parents of participants & the participants respectively.

• Keep Club database of who completed the course and what stage they are at i.e. Go Games Year 1 or 2

• Ensure they are paid expenses for the matches

We should also ask that club’s take more responsibility for all young Go Games Referees on their grounds. Many of these are still children learning something new and should be encouraged to stay on the referee pathway. Go Games are non-competitive so children learn the skills of the game in a suitable environment, it is the same for our young referees. Remind all parents, mentors and players of the Give Respect, Get Respect Code.

Go Games Referee course:

* The course aims to provide participants with knowledge of the rules of Go Games and a understanding of fair play and the role of the referee

* There are 2 parts to this phase:  Year 1: U7/U8 Go Games  & Year 2: U9/U10/U11 Go Games

* Ideally participants should be age 16+  (but will accept 15+) & be a member of the GAA

* The course is carried out over three sessions

Session 1 is entrance exam carried out online before attending the next session

Session 2 is classroom based training (Dunganny Mar 11th)

Session 3 is pitch based learning and evaluation (Mar 25th & Apr 1st)

* Participants will receive certification upon completion as well as their referees pack

Signing up –  instructions:

To sign up for the course follow the link to Eventbrite and follow instructions below.

Once people are signed up using their email address, they will receive the link to the Online Exam which must be completed before attending the course.

If participants did the course last year they should opt for Year 2 – Football or Hurling in the ticket section.