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Foundation Award – The Foundation Award is the introductory course for coaches of Gaelic Games. The course is aimed at beginner coaches and will enable participants to teach the basic skills of the game through drills & fun activities. Participants must be aged 18+ to complete this course. This is course is usually held over 2 sessions – theory & practical.


Award One – The Award 1 Coach course is the second award on the coaching pathway. The course is aimed at coaches that have completed the Foundation Award, have experience as a coach & takes into account the different playing capacities that exist between children (up to 12 years), youths (age 13–18) and Adults (age 19+). This course consists of 7/8 sessions.


Award Two – The Award 2 course is the third award on the coaching pathway. The course is aimed at experienced coaches that have progressed through the Foundation and Award 1 programmes & like the Award 1 is divided into child, youth and adult.
GAA Child Protection Course – This course is for all in the GAA that work with underage players – up to age 18. The Code of Behaviour addresses the minimum appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our Young Players, Coaches, Supporters, Parents/Guardians, Referees and Clubs. This must now be completed alongside the Foundation Award


Teacher Training Workshop – This is a workshop is designed for teachers to cover the basic skills of football and hurling. Participants will gain confidence in delivering elements of the PE curriculum through Gaelic Games. It is ideal for teachers new to the games as well as introduce new ideas to those with experience. Can be ran in one school or a number of schools.




Club Based Training


Nursery Presentation – This is offered to clubs who are setting up a new Nursery to assist in planning the key steps & structure of the nursery, understanding the benefits of the activities in the programme & identify the resources needed.


Fundamentals Workshop – This is the introductory practical workshop based around Fundamental movement skills to teach new coaches/parents who are joining the Club Nursery Programme the activities most suited to the programme & generate further ideas.
Games Based Nursery Activities – To give parents/coaches new ideas for Nursery based on games to progress on from drills/lane activities & elaborate on the importance of these activities in the nursery.


Club Coaching Development Programme – This programme assists the club in developing an effective coaching structure between u8 and u12 age groups, delivering age appropriate coaching through the use of the STEP model & Coach 10 inputs. This programme encourages clubs to plan for the future and ensure cohesiveness throughout the age-groups.


Contact your regional GDA with information on running these initiatives in your club/school.