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The GAA Respect Initiative aims to promote positive behaviour and to ensure that an enriching environment is provided for the promotion and development of Gaelic Games. This includes respect for and from all participants on and around the field.

In creating this short video Meath GAA wish to highlight the behaviour of certain parents and/ or coaches who place unnecessary pressure on young players in our games.

If our young players can’t make their own mistakes how can we expect them to learn?

We are losing too many players each year to pushy parents who are not focussing on the long term development of their children.

Meath GAA are committed to promoting and developing the RESPECT initiative in our county which will encourage players, referees and supporters to get involved and to stay involved in our games.

Encourage your child to develop their own self awareness of skills they have gained

Put trust in the coaches methods






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Silent Sidelines

This year all our Go Games Launch days will be ”Silent Sidelines” This means coaches and parents must not talk to or shout at players, referees or other coaches during play. You may talk to players before and after each game.

More details will follow in the coming days..


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Meath GAA Go Games 2014


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Go games Fixtures, Schedule and Regulations


Go Games

Go Games are small-sided versions of Hurling and Gaelic Football which have been devised for children up to and including 11 years of age to ensure full participation and skill development.

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GAA Annual Congress 2013 saw the passing Rule 6.26 to change the Association’s policy of Go Games. Subsequently, the supporting policy document was drafted by the Games Development Committee and was approved by Central Council. This forms the basis of national policy, as an extension of Rule 6.26, and is effective as of January 1st, 2014.  Rule 6_26 Web Version 1 09-01-14


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