Club/School Link

On behalf of Meath Coaching & Games I want to congratulate all clubs who implemented the Club School Coaching Link from September 2014 to June 2015.

53 Clubs provided coaching in 97 primary Schools with 93 qualified coaches providing this invaluable service.

A total of 2,700 coaching hours were given throughout the county. As you are aware this is a joint venture between the Club and Meath Coaching & Games.


It is clear that this is a very worthwhile project for the club to undertake and there are huge benefits for both the club and the school. We would encourage any club who did not participate last term to seriously consider taking on board this initiative as a vital part of their underage development in the club.


The programme that clubs can buy into will range from 20hrs to our max 80 hour package. The hours that the club buy will be matched by Meath Coaching & Games to give a club a package of coaching hours which can be utilized from September 2015 to June 2016.


For Example: If a Dual Club wishes to provide 40 hours of coaching to their local school (20 hours football from Sept 2014 and 20 hours Hurling from April 2015) then they would buy Package 3 = 20 Hours. Meath Coaching & Games would match this 20 hours to give the 40 hours required.


If any club needs to extend their hours/package beyond this offer they must submit their CSL Year Plan to Meath Coaching & Games c/o Christine O Brien and we will review each plan, depending on the funds available.



Original Blank Primary CSL Report Document




A Chara

I would like to finalise all Club School Link Plans for Clubs for the 2013/2014 term.
To date we have the following clubs paid up for their half of coaching hours scheduled:
Rathkenny (Block 1 Complete)
Syddan (Block 1 Complete)
Skryne (Block 1 Complete)
Boardsmill (Block 1 Complete)
St Ultans
The clubs with Block 1 Complete (above) will receive payments for their coaches this week.
Any club listed above with coaching complete should contact me to sign off on payment.
Remember it is very important that each coach submits their “Report Document” for payment. I will contact coaches also to remind them of this.
The remaining clubs need to confirm/submit payment to me, for the total amount of hours they wish to undertake and then i can invoice them for half these hours.
 Some of the clubs are currently coaching in their local primary schools but we need to finalise club payments so we can have coaches paid quickly once Block 1 of the coaching is complete.
Those clubs not undertaking coaching until the New Year will receive their invoice then but i still need data on your proposed hours.
I also need a copy of each coaches schedule in the schools (Dates & Times) please. These are necessary for our MIS reporting system to Croke park, which gaurantees our continued funding. It is important that we get out to each coach in the schools so early submission of the schedule is vital so that GDA’s can incorporate it into their timetable.
I would ask each club, that has not confirmed package hours yet, to please respond to this email as i need to confirm to County Board what our Coaching & Games Budget for this project is for coming year.
Please remember this is a most invaluable service that you are providing to your local schools and we want to be as professional about the programme as we can be so as to assure its continued success.

Looking forward to working with you and your coaches once again.

Yours in Sport
Christine O Brien
Meath Games Development Administrator
Mobile: 087 6601267
Address: Pairc Tailteann,
              Brews Hill,
              Co. Meath